Rusty Old Gamers

Thanks for visiting our website. On these pages you’ll read about our server, find guides on how to do our custom events and how to use our custom plugins. Not all of the events or plugins are necessarily active all the time. Watch Discord for updates.

Wipe Schedule

Our server wipes on the first and third Thursdays of every month. When the server is wiped, everything is wiped with the exception of blueprints, Economics coins, Skill Tree XP and your Spawnable Vehicles. Blueprints and Skill Tree XP are wiped on the first Thursday of the month. If there’s a month with 5 Thursdays, we do two 2 week wipes and then a 1 week wipe with loot increased to 4X.


The community only exists because of you, the gamers! As an incentive to donate, additional perks and coins to be used in-game are provided to anyone making a donation. If you donate ONCE, you are a “VIP” forever! Your perks will always be there. You can donate again to get more coins. Our monthly expenses are over $140. All donations that are made go into one PayPal account that is used for community related expenses. Interested in donating? Click HERE today!