Rusty Old Gamers

The Rusty Old Gamers community was founded in January 2021. Our first server was a Rust PVE server. As any other server, it started off slow, with only a few regular players and has grown in size. In June of 2022, A DayZ server was added. The founder of Rusty Old Gamers, BetterDeadThanZed, started running DayZ mod servers in 2014 and ran a community called Killin Zedz for many years. The DayZ server, now running Namalsk, is growing in popularity.

Rust PVE Zombie 2X Server

Wipe Schedule: Server wipes the first and third Thursday of every month. In months with five Thursdays, it also wipes for 1 week on the fifth Thursday. BP’s wipe on the first Thursday and Skill Tree wipes on the third Thursday.

DayZ Namalsk Survival Server

Our DayZ stays close to vanilla while having a few mods that enhance the experience. This includes the Namalsk Survival mod, a mod that adds a map, a team mod and a few other low-impact mods. No mods will be added to the server that add new items or require modification of the server files. This makes the server easy to manage and update.

Our Discord server:

All of our players are encouraged to use Discord to keep up to date on changes and announcements. Rust players get perks for linking their Discord and Steam accounts. See the Linking page for more details:

We have a Steam group that all players should join. It’s a good way to make Steam friends. Some players aren’t big into Discord, so the Steam group gives another way to interact, although not all updates are posted there. Rust players get extra perks for joining the Steam group.

The Steam group can be joined at