Bog Water Fortress

The Bog Water Fortress is an old fort protected by NPC’s. Loot is behind doors requiring a red key card.

Go to the second floor and find the on/off switch. Turn it on and then swipe the red card in the box next to it. The doors downstairs will open!

Luftwaffe Zeppelin

– Luftwaffe Zeppelin

  • Zeppelin set in the Luftwaffe of Germany in World War II.

– Includes:

  • Luftwaffe logo and flag.
  • Parkour, puzzles, NPC, Loots.

The Luftwaffe Zeppelin was a remarkable aircraft developed by the German air force during World War II. It was the first rigid airship ever to be constructed, and it was known for its impressive size and striking visual appeal. The Zeppelin was built using a lightweight aluminium frame, which was covered with strong and durable fabric. Inside the airship, gas cells filled with hydrogen were used to provide lift.

In this rust version, you will find an enterable Zeppelin with lots of rooms to explore and loot to collect.

Cobalt Police Department

The Cobalt Police Department is a monument that might be on a custom proc gen map. A Greenroom, Blueroom and double Redroom Monument gives the Player a new Puzzle to explore in Rust. Combined with a Codelock Puzzle its not like “swipe card and run” – they need to run, they need to explore, find hidden switches and rooms and finally get to the Boss Room of “Project K4H0s”.

Here is a video by the dev of the monument:

A walkthrough by one of our members, Missy Krissy: