September 7th Rust update!

The Rust update is upon us! On Thursday, September 7th, at 2pm EST, Facepunch will release another Rust update. This update has lots of cool new features, which you can read about elsewhere because this post is about the ROG server!

First and foremost, shit’s gonna break! There have been changes to Rust that require plugin devs update their plugins. I will do my best to track the plugins that need updating. Some features simply may not be available on wipe day because of this. Please check Discord periodically for updates!

The server will be taken offline around 1pm on Thursday so that I can prepare the server. I already have several plugins that have available updates that need to be applied. Once the server update and Oxide update is released, the server will be put back online. If you see it online prior to any announcement, it will be secured with a whitelist and you will be unable to spawn in.

This wipe’s map is an edited procedurally generated map. It contains some custom things like the Cobalt HQ, a police station and a combined Outpost and Bandit Camp! There’s no Bandit Camp on the map because of this combination but all vendors are available. There’s also a water based safezone with fishing stuff and some vending machines for other items. 

I’ve reworked the zombies as well. At the gas stations and supermarkets, you’ll find the lower end zombies with melee weapons only. These zombies also have less health than the other zombies. Some may be carrying smoke and/or flash grenades. At the other monuments, you’ll find the more challenging zombies. Some even carry pipe shotguns or bows and arrows. At Satellite and Power Plant, there are NPC’s with pistols. The Satellite NPC’s are wearing space suits and the Power Plant NPC’s are wearing hazmat suits.

So that’s it from this side of things! Have a fun wipe!

Community Update August 2nd, 2023!

Hey everyone! It’s the first Wednesday in August so you know what that means!? Yesterday was Tuesday!! Tomorrow will be the monthly Rust game update. This update will bring about changes, as always. There’s supposedly a new skin for stone buildings. I expect the Building Skins plugin will be updated for that. Talking about plugins updates, there seems to be a lot of changes internally to Rust that may affect plugins, so be ready for a crazy storm of broken plugins upon logging in after wipe. What a time to be alive!

The map for August is a procedurally generated maps with edits. As always, the public heli tower is there. I’ve also got some other cool stuff like the Cobalt Police station, guarded by scientists inside and out. There’s a few new custom monuments added too. Crazy Bob the Prepper is back as well! You can see much of the custom stuff in the Update Preview chanel in Discord.

I’m going to break with the normal format of our biweekly update to talk about our “other” game, DayZ! In case you’ve been living under a rock, or in a tug boat, I’ve had a DayZ server running for a few months. It’s experienced some minor success with a small player base growing. I recently decided I’m going to revamp that server with the Expansion mod and a few others. I expect to have this up and running by Friday or Saturday, pending any issues. If you haven’t played DayZ, consider buying it. It’s a much more hardcore survival experience than Rust and the map that we run, Namalsk, is particularly brutal with cold weather and storms. See the DayZ channels in Discord for more information and updates.

As always, the events to be run for the next 2 weeks will be determined on wipe day. That’s all I have for now! See you online!

Mid-July 2023 wipe news

Middle of July update! This coming Thursday, July 20th, is our next wipe. This wipe will occur earlier in the day than normal. I expect it to be done no later than 9am EST. Skill Tree XP will wipe and BP’s will remain, so get those BP’s unlocked now! 

A new version of the XDQuest plugin, aka the Quest Room at Outpost, will be installed. There’s a bunch new features with the plugin which is why I am waiting for the wipe, as the data file needs to be deleted. 

The map will be another procedurally generated map without modifications. The reason for this is because I will be in Florida on wipe day and a proc gen map is less likely to have issues that need to be resolved. I am looking at a custom map for the August wipe.

Any changes to the events will occur on wipe day. I do not currently know which events will be active. I’ll decide that while I’m updating the server.

So, as you can see, no ground breaking changes this wipe. Nice and easy to limit the possibility of problems. I don’t know if I’ll be on for wipe day but it’s unlikely. Enjoy the wipe!

First wipe of July 2023 update!

Happy July 4th to my American friends. Sorry for your loss to my British friends.

On Thursday, July 6th, we will get another Rust update from Facepunch. This one brings changes to the water, a new ferry terminal, a driveable ferry, a new DLC and a bunch of other things. Tldr; Shit’s gonna break on Thursday.

The wipe will occur at 2pm EST, when the patch is released by Facepunch. With the changes coming out with this patch, there’s a chance that plugins will break. I’ll keep an eye on everything and address any issues that pop up. The server will go offline at some point between 12pm and 1pm so I can prep the server.

The map will be a procedurally generated map without any customizations due to the changes to Rust and the new monument. This will reduce the chances of issues that could arise from using a custom map or an edited proc gen map.

The mid-July wipe scheduled for July 20th will most likely occur on July 19, in the late evening EST. I’m leaving for Florida early in the morning on July 19th and will be trying to drive as far as I can before stopping for the night. Since I’ll be on the road at 2pm on the 20th, I’m planning on doing the wipe when I’m at my hotel on the 19th. Should this change, I’ll post at the time. 

That’s all we’ve got. See you all on Thursday!

June 29th update!

Hey everyone, it’s a third server update for June! Since there’s 5 Thursdays this month, we’ll have our 1 week wipe from 6/29 to 7/6. Since it’s the third wipe, there will be no wiping of BP’s or Skill Tree XP. The map will be an unedited procedurally generated map. We’re not running a custom map or customized proc gen due to our change to Carbon.

What is Carbon? I’m glad you asked! Until now, we’ve used Oxide with our server. Oxide is a framework used to run the plugins we have on the server. Carbon is a newer framework that touts better performance as well as some built in features that eliminates the need for some of the plugins we’ve been using. In theory, this should allow me to increase the maximum slots again and to potentially add features to the server that might otherwise cause too much of a load on the server.The tradeoff is that some plugins will not work but these are relatively minor plugins that aren’t essential.

I will be taking the server offline around 12pm EST on Thursday. I need time to ensure that everything is set up properly when I do the switch over. I need to transfer data and configs as the server files will be an actual new installation configured on the same port as the current server.

Monument Owner is back for this wipe. It’s a new version that hopefully resolves some issues we’ve had in the past. I plan to enable the zones on most of the monuments. I’ll keep an eye on the locking of the monuments and how it affects the players. Hopefully we won’t have any issues, but if one arises, please use the /staff command to see me or any of the moderators are online. If not, put in a support ticket on Discord.

If you’ve been watching the server updates, you’ll know this, but I’ll reiterate it. I will only be running events from now on that use the PVE Mode plugin. This plugin is responsible for locking events to the first player/team that meets a certain requirement and locks out players not on that team. This is necessary as we’ve had some incidents recently where people couldn’t play nice at events that didn’t lock. This includes the Airfield Drops, Cobalt Labs and Crashed Plane. I’m sure there’s a few more that I’ve run in the past as well.

That’s it for this update. I hope to see everyone on the server!

Mid-June 2023 Server Update

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th, we have our middle of the month wipe. Blueprints will not wipe, but skill tree XP will wipe. We’ll have a new map, another customized proc gen map. You may have already seen some of the screenshots from the Map Update Preview channel in Discord. For those that have been around for a while, you will be happy to know that our favorite off-his-rocker prepper, Crazy Bob will return with his bunker. His bunker won’t be marked, but if you find him, kill him and you can access his bunker of loot!

At the harbors, you’ll find some new barges floating. These give more loot opportunities while changing things up a little. The Launch site has some nefarious experiments going on inside and it seems that the Cobalt company is bringing some odd equipment into the airfield as well. As you drive around the map, you may encounter new roadside monuments as well.

There’s a cargo ship stuck in the ice. Scientists are keeping it safe until the spring thaw. The bridge is protected by a blue card puzzle. There’s lots of loot to be gotten so go check it out! There’s a motel in the desert with a green card door on the motel office. That must be where they keep the good stuff. In the winter biome, you’ll find a Christmas house. Nothing too special there, just some loot and holiday cheer.

Our events will be determined while I’m updating the server. The wipe will take place at 4pm EST, two hours later than normal due to an appointment I have. Once I’m home and ready to work, I’ll stop the server and do the update. Once it’s ready, it’ll be online for all to play, even if it’s before 4pm. As of this writing, I have no plans to introduce anything new and revolutionary to the server.

An important note: This month has FIVE Thursdays. That means that we’ll be having a 1 week wipe from June 29th to July 6th. No BP’s or Skill XP will be wiped for that one week. I will choose a custom map to be run during that time. I will be traveling in July during our mid-month wipe, so that wipe may be delayed or even done a day late but that’ll be addressed when it gets closer.

That’s it for this update! See on the server!

June wipe news!

This month will bring some plugin updates. First off, we’ll be removing the Monument Lock plugin, which currently protects the oil rigs when players are on it and it’ll be replaced with Monument Owner. This plugin is much better and feature rich. Initially, it will protect only the oil rigs and cargo. With this plugin, non-owners of the monument will not be able to enter the bubble that will surround the monument. To become the monument owner, you must meet criteria that will be stated on your screen when entering the dome around the monument. This may be a certain amount of time inside the monument, unlocking a crate, etc. The map will show a green circle if the monument is unlocked, red if locked. A monument will unlock 120 seconds after the owner leaves and a player can only have 1 monument unlocked at once. Once you’ve locked a monument, you can not lock it again for 10 minutes. Eventually this will be expanded to include all of the major monuments. Right now there are conflicts with events spawning at monuments and the locking ability, so that’s why I’ve restricted it to those locations for now.

With this new plugin, the Personal Cargo Ship plugin will be removed. This is the plugin that allows you to type a command and get a cargo ship. The reason for that plugin was originally to prevent players from taking cargo when someone else is doing it. The Monument Owner plugin solves this issue. As Personal Cargo Ship is developed, I will reevaluate if it’s appropriate to add it again. That plugin has instanced cargo ships as a goal, so if that happens, it will likely be added back. With this change, I’m also reenabling regularly spawning cargo ships.

This wipe is a BP wipe so you still have 2 weeks until the skills are wiped. Now is the time to use your leftover scrap to respec your skills if needed. We’ll have a customized proc-gen map this wipe. I’ve added some nice custom monuments to the map and there’s custom buildable locations. The difference this time is that they are not marked on the map. You’ll need to discover them yourselves.

The plugins for this wipe will be non-monument specific and will include Convoy, Armored Train, Sputnik and one or two others. I am also planning on adding a brand new event that was just released yesterday that revolves around one of the gas stations. The exact events will be announced on wipe day.

Please remember that the server will be taken offline at 1pm EST on Thursday. You may see it online prior to the Rust update, but it will be protected by a whitelist. If you see a wipe notice prior to the Rust update, you can ignore it. I will announce when the server has been wiped and is ready to be played.

That’s all for this wipe. I hope everyone enjoys the map and the plugins. I’ll see you after the wipe!

Mid May 2023 Server Update

Here we are again, another mid-month update! On Thursday, May 18th, the server will wipe. Since it’s the third Thursday, Skill Tree will wipe and BP will remain. As always, your coins and spawnable vehicles will not be wiped.

I conducted a poll on Discord this month to vote on the next map and Oregon: Land of the Dead won the vote. This is a really nice custom map with many custom monuments and many of the standard Facepunch monuments. Be warned that many of the custom monuments have custom NPC’s with firearms as well as Scarecrow and zombies NPC’s. If you’d like to read more about the map, go to the Oregon: Land of the Dead page. Due to the number of custom NPC’s on the map, BotReSpawn will be removed for this wipe. Other than that, no changes are planned.

The server will go offline around 1pm EST on Thursday so I can prep the server. If the server is online prior to 2pm EST, it will be whitelisted and you will not be able to join. I will announce in Discord when it is ready.

May 2023 Rust Update

Happy May! For those of you in the northern hemisphere, that means that SPRING IS HERE! For those of you in the south, well.. It’s autumn so yeah… in any case, Facepunch is preparing to release their monthly Rust update on May 4th. This month seems to have a lot of changes that will very likely affect a great number of plugins on our server. I will do my best to be on the server after the wipe to address issues and update plugins as they come out. Please be prepared for issues on wipe day.

This month, Facepunch is adding the nuclear missile silo monument. It’s a major monument with scientists and loot including keycard puzzles. It’s very possible that this event will be linked with an end-of-wipe event such as a large nuclear explosion killing everyone and destroying everything. If this is what we’re getting, you can expect this event to run at 1pm EST on all wipe days except for third wipe on months with 5 Thursdays.

The map this month will be an unmodified procedurally generated map. I won’t be doing any edits because of the possibility of the missile silo being updated, which would require me to put any customizations on the map again. The good thing about this is better performance (in theory) than maps that are customized.

I have no plans to make any significant changes to configurations or plugins for this wipe. I’ll continue to rotate the events as needed. I don’t have anything else to add so I’ll see everyone on the server at 2pm EST on Thursday!

April 2023 Mid-Month Wipe Update

Greetings everyone! It’s time for another mid-month wipe update. I will take the server offline Thursday, April 20th, around 1pm EST. I’ll spend the next hour updating the map and wiping the server. As always, if the server is up and running before I announce it in Discord, it will be protected with a whitelist, as that means I am testing everything.

The map is a customized procedurally generated map. Cobalt Police Department (the big one) is on the map and confirmed working. It is guarded by a Bradley and scientists. Project Riese is also back this wipe. This is a mostly underground bunker located on an island. There’s a bunch of scientists inside with lots of loot and puzzles. Around the map will be many new roadside monuments. These are static and will always be in the same spot, unlike the regular roadside monuments. Most contain loot although a couple are just eye candy. There’s also one underground custom cave that has buildable areas that is not marked on the map. As of now that’s all of the customizations, although I may do a little more before the wipe.

The Skill Tree XP will wipe this time with the blueprints remaining. Make sure you unlock everything you can with whatever scrap you have left over before the wipe! That’s it for now!