NPC Raiders

The NPC Raiders plugins allows players to have their base raided by NPC’s. The NPC’s will get progressively harder with every wave. If they destroy your TC, they are finished.

NPC Raiders commands:

/raidme – Will show raid help menu.
/raidme buy – Will show raid buy help menu and costs.
/raidme buy <type> – To start raid of the type.

Additional information including videos can be found on the plugin page:

Base Utility/Building Skins/Base Grades

This guide covers three different plugins that are all linked together.

Base Utility

This plugin plugin provides two features. First is a Base Upgrade function. By opening the TC, you will see an Upgrade button. Click on it and choose what you want to upgrade your entire base to. The resources are taken directly from your TC. If you click on the Skin button, you can choose a default skin that will be applied when you upgrade your base.

Building Skins

This plugin integrates with the Base Utility plugin as shown above. It also allows a player to upgrade any base parts to any of the DLC building skins by using the hammer. Just equip the hammer, right click while looking at the base part to upgrade and use the Q and E keys to select the building skin you want to use.

Base Grades

Base Grades lets you automatically place building parts at a certain level, for example, while placing foundations, you can have it automatically place stone foundations.

To do this, you issue the command /bgrade 1/2/3/4. Each number represents a level:

  1. Wood
  2. Stone
  3. Metal
  4. Armor

ie: /bgrade 3 would allow you to build Metal parts.

You must have enough wood plus the materials to upgrade to in order to upgrade automatically while building. So, to build stone foundations, you would need both wood and stone in your inventory.

Item Perks

Item Perks is a plugin that enhances everyday weapons, tools and armor with over 50 different types of perks.

Items with perks can be obtained a variety of ways, including:

  • Finding them randomly in crates or barrels during your morning scrap farm.
  • Randomly crafting an enhanced version of your equipment while you roof camp noobs from your base.
  • Recycling enhanced equipment and finding enhancement kits stuck in the teeth of the recycler.

How to use an enhancement kit:

Once you find an enhancement kit, you can go to a workbench and click on the button to enhance an item.

Next, choose which enhancement kit you want to use.

After that, you’ll select which item you want to enhance. Items can receive several enhancements if you have multiple enhancement kits.

The next page will give you a rundown of what the enhancement will provide. You can decide if you want to confirm or reset your choice.

Once you press the Confirm button, your item is enhanced. Wear or equp the item to see the bonuses provided by clicking on the icon to the left of the hotbar..

Building Skins

Plugin webpage:

The Building Skins plugin allows you to use the DLC Building Skins without owning the DLC’s. To use these skins, do the following:

Use the /bskin command to switch modes. This will open a window like the one to the left.

To update the skin for existing building blocks, you need to activate the skin and hit the block with a hammer. The block will be updated with the selected skin.

To change the skin for all buildings using the /bskin build or /bskin all command, you need to select a skin mode. Depending on the mode you choose, the skin will be updated.


The Marketplace plugin allows you to find items for sale in vending machines through a nice user interface. Follow these steps:

Type in what you are looking for in the search box or click on the item if it’s already displayed.

You’ll see a list of where the item is being sold (unless no one is selling it).

Click on View and then Set Marker.

Close the UI and open your map, and you’ll see the Shop marked! (edited)

Sign Manager

Provides a UI for signs so that players can save and restore up to 25 designs. The command for the UI is
/sm. This allows you to rapidly deploy new signs/pictures all over your base!

Step 1: Deploy a sign and use the /sil command to paste the picture or draw a picture.

Step 2: Type /sm and click on Save Image.

Now when you have a new sign, you can open the Sign Manager plugin with /sm, find the picture you want to use and click on “Set”.

Medical Items

The Medical Items plugin adds two items to the game: A Defib and a Medical Box. Both can be found in loot boxes in the world. In order to craft these items, you must first find one, then research it at a Research Bench. When you open a T2 or T3 workbench, you will see a new button that says “Medical Items”. That’s where the crafting menu is for these two items.

The defibrillator can do 2 things:

  • Recover a player from a wounded state immediately, with a risk of the defibrillator breaking (default: 10% chance), removing any bleeding effects that the target has and bringing them back on 10hp.
  • Resurrect a dead player, spawning them back at the position of their body, but breaking the defibrillator. The player spawns a “new” body, and must still loot their items.

The medical box is a deployable, reskinned, wooden box that heals any player within x metres for x amount of health per every x seconds, x amount of times.

For example, using the default values, the box will heal any player within 5m for 20 health every 3 seconds, for a maximum of 10 times.

Box Sorter Light

Box sorter makes housekeeping easier in multiple ways

  • An intuitive interface that is visible while looting boxes allowing players to select its category.
  • The selected category is displayed both by changing the skin of the box and by displaying the category while looting.
  • Two carefully placed buttons enables quick moving of category items and sorting of items already in the container.

Food is always default category for refrigerators and independent of its skin

To use this, first open a box.

Under the box inventory, you’ll see “Box Sorting”. Depending on your UI settings on the server, you may have the Skill Tree XP bar here or the Backpack icon here. I recommend you turn those off with /togglexphud command (Skill Tree) or /backpackgui (Backpacks). The XP bar can be moved to another place on the screen with the /movebar command. To designate a box for one specific category, such as weapons or clothing, click on the respective button. The box will be reskinned to a category specific skin.

You will notice the category name is now in the Box Sorting UI and the box has been reskinned. To move only the items in that category to the box, press the arrow in the top right of the inventory UI, next to the new Sort button. This will put all items of that category into the box. Note: You can manually put anything you want into the box.

You can use the new Sort button to sort the contents of the box or you can use the old Sort button that is in the container’s UI. Both work.

If you use /remove on the box, it loses it’s category, but you can deploy it again and reselect the category. The category can be changed at any time by clicking on the current Category name in the Box Sorting UI.

Virtual Quarries

Virtual Quarries plugin ( is a large upgrade to quarries in RUST. You can create and place quarry that will dig any type of resource and access them all over the map! VQ’s work as follow:

Buy or craft a quarry and several survey charges. You will need 1 survey charge for each attempt to find the resources you want to mine. Next, type /vq to open the Virtual Quarries menu. Press the + symbol.

On the next page, click on the Search button. One Survey Charge will be used. You may or may not uncover resources. If you are happy with the resources you found, continue to the next step. If not, continue pressing Search until you’ve found what you want or until you are out of Survey Charges. When you found what you want, click on the Place button as seen below.

Once that is done, you’ll be brought to a screen like the one below where you can put fuel in your VQ and start/stop/delete it.

Instanced Quarries, Pumpjacks and the Giant Excavator

Another aspect of VQ is that it allows for instanced quarries, pumpjacks and Giant Excavator. With this enabled, all three of these will be running 24/7. You just have to put in the diesel and the resources will be generated. No one can access anyone else’s fuel or resources. At the Giant Excavator, the resources will appear in both hoppers, so if you take it from one, it’ll be gone from the other. This allows multiple players to run all of these locations without fear of losing their fuel or resources.

Bag of Holding

The Bag of Holding plugin ( spawns special bags that start off with the ability to store specific categories of items in each bag. For example, you may find an XXSmall Weapons and Ammo bag. In this bag you could only put, naturally, weapons and ammo. Bag of Holding can be upgraded using scrap. If you upgrade a bag enough, you can put anything in the bag. You are no longer restricted to the category of the bag. Bags of Holding spawn randomly in loot containers.