Gas Station Event

The event begins with a message in chat that there has been a dispute between two waring gangs. One gang has taken members from their rivals hostage. A car chase ensues chase where the rival gang is coming to save or avenge their own!

The chase comes to an explosive end at Oxum’s Gas Station when the car being pursued crashes into the gas pumps! This is the beginning of the event for your players. Both gangs jump out of their vehicles and a shootout immediately ensues! When a player decides to approach, they will have a few choices.

Will they take up arms with the ruthless gang willing to do anything? Will they stand beside the more honorable outlaws? Or will they simply kill both gangs and take all of the loot? The choice, is theirs!

If the player decides to kill the first gang, the second gang will give the player access to their loot room, a bunker inside the basement of the auto repair shop, as a sign of gratitude.

If the player decides to kill the second gang, then the first gang will give access to their hidden stash in the restroom inside the station, to show their appreciation.

If the player decides to just wipe both gangs out, well then they deserve all of the loot! And regardless of what team the player decides to destroy, the chasing vehicle is always left unattended at the end of the event. The player can grab this as a thank you for cleaning up the servers streets! It’s a junker but you can take it for parts, drive to Junkyard to scrap it, or just use it to get home quick and take the parts you want from it.