This plugin is a mini-event where a bunch of NPCs are riding around in a helicopter and after a set amount of time need to land to refuel. When the helicopter lands the NPCs get out of the helicopter, unload some loot boxes and stick around to protect it whilst it is refuelling. Players can choose to attack the helicopter whilst it has landed to score some loot

– NPC’s ride in the helicopter (max to 6)
– Killing all the NPC’s when the helicopter has landed will initiate a self destruct sequence for the helicopter
– Killing all the NPC’s while the helicopter is flying will cause the helicopter to explode mid-air
– NPCs will return to the helicopter once it has refuelled to leave
– NPCs will stay in range of the helicopter to protect it from incoming threats
– Either give default loot when killing NPCs, or drop any, or all, of their current inventory

– Landing zones (LZ) are automatically generated at monuments depending on which monuments you have on your map, and which you have enabled in the config
– The target LZ can either be randomly selected, or the helicopter can pick the closest LZ when it needs to refuel
– LZ’s will become invalid if it is blocked by another vehicle, in which case the helicopter will choose an alternate LZ
– If players are near the LZ the helicopter will attempt to kill them prior to landing

– When the helicopter is landed it will deploy an amount of loot containers (set in config)
– These loot containers can either be default loot, or you can customize their contents in the config
– Loot containers are packed up when the helicopter is preparing to leave the LZ after refuelling