A space station will spawn in the atmosphere. Inside are scientists, turrets, loots and key card doors. To get there, you can use a Jetpack that can be found in loot crates or can be purchased at Outpost and Bandit. There will also be spaceships laying around on the ground near the event that will take you to space. As a third option, you can try to pilot a hot air balloon. You will need protection in space however. A hazmat suit or a scuba tank with appropriate cold protection. If you want to use a jetpack to get to space, you will need the scuba tank, as you can’t put a hazmat on with the jetpack.

The event comes default with NPC’s floating in space, firing at you, but I felt that with the newness of it, and the need to get acclimated with floating in space, I’d remove them. However, the APC turrets on the space station will shoot at the space shuttles and hot air balloons. Once you are in space, you can exit your vehicle and you will float. Go to the end of the station with the sliding blast doors. They will open as you approach and you will be greeted by two scientists inside. Once you’re inside and the blast doors close, you will have gravity. Don’t do this event if you aren’t ready to die. The event will last for 2 hours.

Space shuttles are marked on the map when the event is going on. Hop in one, throw in the LQF and fly into space! The shuttles are tricky to fly, so keep trying!