April 2023 Mid-Month Wipe Update

Greetings everyone! It’s time for another mid-month wipe update. I will take the server offline Thursday, April 20th, around 1pm EST. I’ll spend the next hour updating the map and wiping the server. As always, if the server is up and running before I announce it in Discord, it will be protected with a whitelist, as that means I am testing everything.

The map is a customized procedurally generated map. Cobalt Police Department (the big one) is on the map and confirmed working. It is guarded by a Bradley and scientists. Project Riese is also back this wipe. This is a mostly underground bunker located on an island. There’s a bunch of scientists inside with lots of loot and puzzles. Around the map will be many new roadside monuments. These are static and will always be in the same spot, unlike the regular roadside monuments. Most contain loot although a couple are just eye candy. There’s also one underground custom cave that has buildable areas that is not marked on the map. As of now that’s all of the customizations, although I may do a little more before the wipe.

The Skill Tree XP will wipe this time with the blueprints remaining. Make sure you unlock everything you can with whatever scrap you have left over before the wipe! That’s it for now!