March 29th, 1 week wipe update

Hello everyone! This is the news post for our 1 week wipe! In any month that we have 5 Thursdays, we wipe for 1 week on the 5th Thurday. This wipe will last from March 30th to April 6th. Neither BP’s nor Skill Tree XP will wipe, so get those BP’s unlocked before the wipe!

I am still waiting to hear about something that I may need to do tomorrow that could prevent the wipe from being at 2pm, as it usually is. If I am going to be busy at that time, I will strive to wipe the server by 9am. The exact time will be confirmed as soon as I know if I’m going to be busy in the afternoon.

We will be running a custom map as determined by voting in the map voting channel of Discord. The map will be Synecdoche ( This map was up against Pokie Island and won. Pokie Island will be run during our 1 week wipe June 29th to July 6th. 

Our events will be rotated out but that list is yet to be determined. I don’t expect any big changes and as this isn’t a wipe where Rust updates, I don’t expect any real problems. That’s all I have for you! There will be another update in a week, just before the Rust update/wipe!