March 16th 2023 server update!

Welp, here we are! Another Third Thursday wipe! As always, the server will wipe at 2pm EST with the server going offline around 1pm so I can prep it. 

We’ll be running another customized procedurally generated map this wipe. If you’ve been watching the Map Update Preview channel in Discord, you’ve seen some of what is to come. There’s some of the old monuments I’ve used before and some new ones. For example, we will have the Airshop Docks. This consists of a dock for airships as well as several airships waiting to dock. These airships have scientists, loot and keycard puzzles. You can think of it as an event that is always running. The Temple of the Pookie is also a new one, sort of. This temple was on the server many months ago but it was not the Temple of the Pookie. There’s NPC’s and loot to find here, and of course a chance to worship the mighty Pookie God. The Cobalt PD is making an appearance again this wipe but instead of a Bradley guarding it, there will be police NPC’s! Lastly, there’s a second public heli tower on the map, but this one is in the ocean. When you shoot down the heli, NPC’s won’t parachute out. The wreckage of the heli and it’s loot will sink to the ocean floor. I recommend bringing a sub and diving gear to get it!

This wipe the Skill Tree XP will wipe and the BP’s will remain until the first Thursday of April. This month is also a 5 Thursday month, so the last week of the month will be a special 1 week wipe with a special map, but more on that when the time comes. Our events for this wipe will include Arctic, Airfield, Armored Train, Cobalt Lab and Heli Refuel. It is possible others might be added, but I will decide that as I’m setting up the server.

I hope everyone enjoys the new map. It should be a good wipe, as there’s no Rust update until the first Thursday of April, so it’s unlikely anything will get jacked up this wipe. I’ll see you on the server!