About Ganja

This plugin allows players to gather weed from hemp plants and craft joints using a mixing table. Weed is separated into three tiers where each tier can be found in a different biome. Joints can be crafted at a mixing table and will give the player configurable buffs and healing with each tier having different effects. Plants require a set amount of H-genes in order to yield weed.


Three tiers of weed
Plants need a specified amount of H genes in order to yield weed
Custom crafting UI for mixing table

How to get weed:

Plant has to be in RIPE state when harvesting
Plant needs the minimum amount of H-genes specified in the config (2 by default) for a chance of dropping weed
Chance of dropping weed can be modified in the config
If the plant has the amount of H-genes for guaranteed drop (4 by default) you will always get weed when harvesting it

Different tiers:

Depending on the biome, you will receive different tiers of weed, the biomes can also be changed in the config. By default, tier2 weed can be gathered in the snow biome, tier1 in the desert and tier0 everywhere else.

Names, droprates, and boosts can also be configured individually for each tier.

How to craft a joint:

To craft a joint, go to the mixing table and open it. A custom UI will appear above yor inventory where you can craft a joint simply by pressing a button, providing you have the ressources for it (by default weed x2 and note x1).


With a joint selected in the hot bar:

Right click to ignite joint
When joint is burning: left click to use joint