Skill Tree

This plugin adds a character progression system to your server in the form of a leveling and skill tree system.

Players gain xp by cutting trees, mining rocks, killing NPCs etc, and are rewarded with skill points when they level up. 

These points can be used to unlock perks and buffs across a number of different skill trees.

The plugin is extremely customizable and server owners can change, move, scale or disable any perk to tailor the setup to their server.

It features:

  • 81 unique buff types.
  • 11 unique skill trees.
  • 61 sources of xp with configurable values.
  • A functional tree system that prevents unlocking/upgrading of nodes if the player has not invested enough skill points into a tree.
  • Configurable limits on the amount of skill points that players can spend, allowing for more specialized builds.
  • Capable of building your own additional trees and nodes.

SkillTree allows users to focus on multiple skill trees and unlock nodes in each tree as they level, to make their characters more powerful and unique.

Available commands:
/st open the Skill Tree menu
/togglexphud Toggles the XP progression bar
/movebar Move the XP progression bar location with arrow keys on your screen.
/turbo Turn on a boat’s Turbo perk
/sb Show the Skill Tree scoreboard